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K Hofer

Kaden Hofer Elite 45

Kaden Hofer of Howard was selected to the Argus Leader Elite 45 football team. The selection was made over the Thanksgiving break.“Kaden has been our best offensive lineman the last two seasons. He is fast off the line, very powerful, and a great puller. He helped our offense accumulate 4,059 yards and 52 Tds this season and 8,891 yards and 128 Tds the past two seasons. Kaden was a force at NG in 2021 and Linebacker in 2022. Kaden had 89 tackles and 3 sacks this season, and he has 150 tackles and 3 sacks for his career. Kaden has been a big reason why the Tigers have gone 21-1 the last two years.” Coach Ruml
Cornbelt All-Conference 2021/2022
Cornbelt Conference MVP 2022
All State OL 2021/2022